Monday, April 10, 2006

"We're Too Excited to Sleep!"

Well, it's Monday morning, and just like the kids in the commercial for Disneyland, "we're too excited to sleep!" Kurt leaves in just 3 days to go and get our precious little Lily. The last 5 days have been a blur, a mixture of excitement, sleep deprivation, and panic. I hear that is what impending parenthood can do to a person. I think once Kurt gets on the plane, I'll be able to relax a bit (he doesn't stress me out, but the packing has stressed me out), and then I'll be counting the days until they return home.

Kurt is going to try to update the blog daily from China so that you all can read about his adventures in Beijing and then when he gets Lily on the 18th. Hopefully he will be able to send pictures too.

Please keep us in your prayers, especially for safe travel for Kurt, Jan, and Lily. I'll be here so if you want to drop an email or comment, I'd love to hear from you.


Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...


Your family, as always, is in our prayers.


karen said...

My name is Karen Oglesby and my husband Mark used to teach at Tahoma and had Jan's daughter/son in his class..
Anyway.. we just adopted Madison Li from China in July. It is the most wonderful experience ever.. you are in for such an amazing journey.
Your daughter Lily is BEAUTIFUL!!!
You will love the White Swan.. it's a fantastic hotel with a wonderful pool.. don't forget your suits..and bring one for Lily..she will probably love to swim.. all the girls in our group loved the pool.
Anyway, We will follow your journey if that's ok with you!!!
Enjoy every moment! I know you will be as blessed as we are with our little China doll!
God Bless,
Karen Oglesby

Anonymous said...
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