Wednesday, November 30, 2005

First Baby Shower

Our church gave us a baby shower last Sunday. Here's a picture of the cake. Thanks to all the gracious people at Messiah Lutheran Church! You can click on the image below to see a larger version.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Referral Update

Last week we heard from our adoption social worker. It looks like the referral time has now lengthened to 8-9 months. To refresh your memory, the referral is when we receive the official paperwork from China with the name, age, history, of our precious daughter. Originally the referral time was around 6 months from our log-in date (May 24th). That put us at Thanksgiving. Then it moved to 6-7 months, and now we just heard it is 8-9 months. This means we may not get our referral until January or February, and then not travel until March or April. Evidently there is a huge backlog of applications of people wanting to adopt from China. This is a good thing for all of those little girls, but it's hard for us to be patient at times.

Well, at least we have more time to prepare. Kurt has come down with pneumonia this week, so this gives him more time to fully recover. We know God has everything under control, and so we pray for patience as we eagerly await our Lily.

Why China?

Hello, this is the mommy-to-be's first post. Kurt has so wonderfully started this blog to keep everyone updated. It also serves as a diary for us and for Lily to read someday.

It's kind of interesting that we have chosen China because my original college major was going to be East Asian Studies. I took several classes that were related to Chinese and Japanese history, and I took two years of Japanese. As many of you know, my major ended up being Spanish, but I have always had interest in East Asia.

Many people have asked us, "Why did you choose China?" Choosing to adopt domestically or internationally wasn't a hard decision for us. We were told that Bethany Christian Services, our adoption agency, place their babies born in the U.S. in the homes of Christian parents. When we found this out, our hearts turned to other countries around the world. We know that in many countries, children are at least exposed to the saving message of Jesus be it in their orphanages or later when they grow up. China tugged at our hearts because Christianity isn't allowed to flourish and much of it is underground. By deciding to adopt from China, we hoped to share the Good News with a child who wasn't as likely to hear about Jesus in her birth country, especially in a state-run orphanage. As many of you know, due to traditional values and government policies, Chinese orphanages are overflowing with little girls. The tide is turning relating to the value of women in Chinese society, but there are still a lot of little girls who are placed in orphanages. We also hoped to give a child a home in a free, democratic country where she would have freedoms not found in China.

We are all God's children, no matter where we are born. There are so many children around the world that need forever families to love them. We thank God that He has given us this opportunity to begin a family this way and to receive a beautiful daughter to love.

P.S. China only requires one parent to travel, and of course that helped with our decision since I don't fly well at all. :)