Thursday, January 18, 2007

First Visit to the Dentist

Lily had her first visit to the dentist on Wednesday. While Julie was in another chair in the office getting some fillings replaced, I sat with the Pinger while the hygienist examined her. Kristine (the hygienist) was great with Lily. She was very gentle, sitting down next to her, showing her and letting her touch her "tools of the trade" least all the ones without sharp points and edges. But once the rubber gloves started to go on, Lily began to panic...apparently remembering her visit to the doctor on Monday to get some blood drawn. Tears began to well up, a whimpering cry came out of her mouth, and her arms reached out for dad to save her. Kristine wisely took the gloves off and we assured Lily that she wasn't going to get poked. After that, Lily did fine as Kristine looked at her teeth. She had trouble seeing her upper teeth, so we had to hold Lily on her back and put her head in the hygienist's lap. That's when the crying really started...which was actually good since her mouth was wide open. In the end, Lily's teeth looked great. And she got two new toothbrushes and a "Finding Nemo" sticker as parting gifts.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Lily's New Year's Resolutions

1. Order stuff with my very own phone and debit card that came with my purse that I got for Christmas.

2. Learn how to use the abacus that Uncle John got me instead of relying on mom's calculator.

3. Wear more bags on my head.

4. Teach mom how to ride a horse at the Everett Children's Museum.

5. Drink more tea with dad. He drinks way too much coffee.