Monday, November 27, 2006

First Snow of the Season...

...and Lily's first snow, too. We got about 8 inches overnight here in Marysville, and the forecast is for 1 to 3 more today and tonight. The whole north Sound up to the border got dumped on. We assume this is the first snow that Lily has ever seen. I doubt if it snowed where she was born in southeast China...not that she would have remembered it anyway.

Here are a few shots of her experiences today. She sort of reacted like she did her first time standing on the sand at the beach. She didn't quite know what to make of it. And don't laugh at her makeshift gloves. We didn't have any waterproof gloves, so Julie improvised with some fleece mittens covered by a plastic sandwich bag and rubber bands.


We celebrated Thanksgiving last Friday at Julie's folks. The whole clan was there, including Julie's sister Sandy and her family from Montana. Here's a shot of Julie's dad Marv holding Lily and her cousin Emmy (Sandy's youngest). Lily and Emmy were born four days apart from each other...not to mention a world away from each other. They enjoyed playing together, although Lily likes to kiss and hug so much that she usually ends up knocking over the small objects of here affection. Emmy didn't escape either, and several times ended up with Lily sitting on top of her on the floor.

Lily's Harvest Festival

Here's Lily as she was dressed up for our church's Harvest Festival back at the end of October. She was a lion...but as Julie and I have tried in the past to dress up with a biblical theme...we also had her holding a lamb (check out Isaiah 65 for this one).

Remember those pumpkins we picked out? Here they are...with our other little pumpkin.