Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aidan's 4th Birthday & the End of the Summer

We celebrated Aidan's 4th birthday back in the middle of August (I know, I know...why am I only now posting this? No excuses other than procrastination). As you can see, it was a baseball theme. He requested it. Guess dad's influence is rubbing off. Julie made the awesome baseball cake you see in the picture above.

It was a nice little gathering with family and friends. Kurt's mom (a.k.a. "Grammie O") came up from California for the week and joined in the festivities, too.

And here's the boy doing his magic disappearing cake trick.

Today's is Labor Day, so we're enjoying a day at home before the significant happenings this week ... Aidan starts preschool and Lily starts kindergarten!

This summer was exceptionally busy for us ... speech therapy twice a week for Aidan, occupational therapy for Aidan once a week, Kurt went to Nashville for a high school youth conference, we all went to Montana for a few days to visit Julie's sister and family, amidst other church and family activities. We spent a lot of time outside, too. The kids love to play in the water ... we have a little kiddie pool and slip-n-slide (which I almost killed myself on while demonstrating to Lily how to use it). They also love to ride their bikes as much as possible (another milestone: Lily's training wheels came off this summer).

People usually complain about how busy things get for them in the fall with school starting. For us, it seems as though it's quite the opposite. We can finally take a breather.