Monday, July 24, 2006

Beating the Heat

We're overdue for a new post here. I just got back from a youth conference in Colorado where it was in the 90's pretty much every day. I expected to come home to the cool Northwest. Instead, it's even hotter here (at least it feels like it is) than it was in Colorado. And our west-facing house gets like a sauna and doesn't cool off very well on days like these. After a shopping trip today and my violin lesson, we got home and decided to try out Lily's new inflatable pool for the first time. We set it up in the shade in our backyard.

As you can see, she loved it...especially seeing Mommy splash water on Daddy.

The water out of the hose wasn't exactly warm. Even though the air was hot, we still poured some hot water in the pool to adjust the temperature. Still, Lily's first reaction as you can see was, "Man, this water is cold! But I kinda like it!"

Lily stood and sat and splashed and squealed for about a half an hour...and then started to shiver. We pulled her out, but she didn't want to stop playing. She kept reaching for the pool even as we were drying her off. Guess we'll have to be ready to play in the water on our next warm day...which might be tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Kurt & Julie:

What fun!! I can almost hear Lily's delight in her pool. She has the most beautiful smile..lights up her face. I see Daddy got into the cooling off action too!

Love you,

Mom and Wanda