Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lily is a US Citizen!

You may remember that when only one parent travels to China (such as in our case), the child has to be "re-adopted" in the US. In the meantime, the child is considered a legal immigrant.

Yesterday, Lily's last step towards citizenship was completed. Lily's adoption was finalized. She is now officially a US citizen. We met our lawyer at the Snohomish County courthouse and appeared before a judge. After a series of questions, her citizenship was granted. A group of family and friends were there to help us celebrate...including lunch at "The Flying Pig" in Everett afterwards.

The judge was kind enough to allow pictures in his courtroom.

Lily's so excited about being a full-fledged American now. Here she is patriotically waving her flag. Now if we can only get her to sit like a lady.

Waiting for her food at "The Flying Pig." That's her buddy Thomas in the background.


Anonymous said...

HOORAY!! My Lily is officially a U.S. Citizen. How patriotic Lily looks in all her red, white, & blue. I love the picture with Lily waving the American Flag & her big smile tells it all. Good moments captured for Lily to see some day.

Proud Grandma O

Anonymous said...

It's me again!! Forgot to tell you how cute Lily's new haircut is. I love it & her!!!

Mom & Wanda

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Lily is getting cuter and more grown up all the time. I will miss seeing her grow up, but you will have to send me pictures, and I will see you when I come up in the summers.
Love in Christ, Rose

DevDad said...

I just found your blog today, and I have to say, it's pretty amazing! This post's events must have been super exciting!

- Mike