Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Plowing Right In

We had our first snow of 2008 yesterday. Unlike Lily's first excursion into the snow, when she was so tentative and skittish, this time she plowed right in. No fear. She plopped right down and even got on her belly several times and said she was "tend swim" (translation: "pretending to swim").

And then we made Lily's first snowman! Below is a picture of our masterpiece, complete with carrot for a nose and chopsticks for arms. That was not supposed to be any cultural reference to Lily's national origin...it was all mom found in a moment's notice.

By the way, please, no wise cracks about the kid's gloves. We still have not bought her any snow mittens or gloves. So we used the poor man's method...fleece mittens covered by surgical gloves. Hey, at least it's a step up from the last playtime in the snow. We used baggies and rubber bands then!


Anonymous said...

Cute! The way your daughter is posing with the snowman, I'm sure she thinks the snowman was entirely her invention.

Emily (ehelgersen@hotmail.ca)

Anonymous said...

We just had a big snowfall here in Toronto where I live. I've cleaned the sidewalk in front of my house and carved out a walkway to the front door, but who knows how long they're going to last!

Emily again

Rose said...

Lily looks like she really had fun in the snow. I miss seeing her and you every Sunday.

Hope all is going well with the new adoption process. I keep you in my prayers as always.

Love in Christ,