Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just having some fun with Jib Jab

Lily helped me with the "casting," including my mom and Uncle John.

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Anonymous said...

This is toooo funny!! I laughed all through the whole thing. People in the computer lab wondered what was going on with me. I especially liked my leap in front. I didn't know I was so limber...

Thank you Lily for including me in your dance routine.

Mom, Wanda, Grammy O

Anonymous said...

And by the more come Kurt is in a dress & I am in pants. What's up with that!


Anonymous said...

Well, my word, aren't you all clever! That was fun. I think my family did one of those once, too. I myself just do well to click and make it play!


Anonymous said...

Whose the ELCA Professor now!


Kurt Onken said...

Juan...are you referring to my mom in her pants suit, or me in a dress?