Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just having some fun with Jib Jab

Lily helped me with the "casting," including my mom and Uncle John.

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Anonymous said...

This is toooo funny!! I laughed all through the whole thing. People in the computer lab wondered what was going on with me. I especially liked my leap in front. I didn't know I was so limber...

Thank you Lily for including me in your dance routine.

Mom, Wanda, Grammy O

Anonymous said...

And by the more come Kurt is in a dress & I am in pants. What's up with that!


Anonymous said...

Well, my word, aren't you all clever! That was fun. I think my family did one of those once, too. I myself just do well to click and make it play!


Pastor J Palm said...

Whose the ELCA Professor now!


Kurt Onken said...

Juan...are you referring to my mom in her pants suit, or me in a dress?