Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Summer Fun

The rain and cooler weather has returned. We had a stretch of unusually hot and dry weather here in the Puget Sound. During the hottest week, Julie and the kids went down to stay with her mom and dad who live a little over an hour south of us. They have a daylight basement which stays much cooler than the oven which our house becomes on hot days.

Not only did the kids stay cool, but they got to stay with Grandma and "Papa." Aidan especially just plain loves his "Papa." It's as if I don't even exist when Julie's dad is around. In addition to the fun around the grandparent's house, they also had the chance to ride the carousel at the Auburn Super Mall.

We also have news regarding Aidan's surgeries. His first one is scheduled for October 13 at Children's Hospital in Seattle. We'll certainly be posting more information as that day approaches.
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