Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recovering from Surgery

Nice luxury room at Seattle Children's Hospital. Wireless internet, too. But it's no consolation when you have to listen to your son cry and moan after surgery. Tubes and wires are connected to his arm, along with the restraints to keep him from picking and pulling and probing.

Julie is at his bedside while I type this. The nurse just arrived with some Tylenol. Jello is on the menu, it sounds like. More liquids and soft foods for the next two weeks.

We're thankful that the surgery went off as planned. The congestion we heard was not much of a concern after all for the anesthesiologist. We've been here since 6 AM this morning. Aidan left our arms around 8 and he got to his room a little after 2. About an hour before that, I was summoned to the recovery room because he was apparently inconsolable once the anesthesia began to wear off.

Now, Aidan just needs to have his mouth heal and get used to eating and drinking and talking with his reconstructed palate. He also had tubes put in his ears to drain some of the fluid that was there, evidently a common occurence in cleft palate kids. Another surgery is on tap sometime in late winter or spring to fix his lip.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers. Thanks also to two good friends who stayed with us during the surgery and to another who stopped by to visit. You are very much appreciated! Thanks also to the surgeons, nurses, and staff at Children's Hospital. Everyone has been so kind and helpful.

Julie will head home this evening to be with Lily (thanks to Julie's parents for staying for a few days) and will return in the morning. I get to stick around at the hospital tonight and try to comfort Aidan the best I can. Hopefully, Aidan can go home tomorrow if all goes as planned.


Antoniette said...

Oh Kurt, my heart goes out to you guys and my prayers go up for Aidan. Many many blessings to you all and hopefully he will be comfortable soon ...

TheDideonGang said...

Hoping all goes well and you get to go home! Prayers for little Aidan. We will be at Children's in 2 wks for our Taylor.
God Bless you
Lavonne and the Dideon clan

Anonymous said...

Kurt & Julie:

I have my friends in Rancho Cucamonga all praying for Aidan & you guys too!! Neighbors, senior center, & church. I am relieved that he is out of surgery & recovering.

Looking forward to hopefully being able to be with you all in December!!

00XX Mom & Wanda