Friday, February 26, 2010

The Evening After

Aidan had been awake for a while this afternoon. Had some applejuice and applesauce. Didn't stay down long. First time he ever vomited, so I think the whole thing freaked him out a bit. He had been pretty calm until that moment.

Julie headed home around 7. At that point, Aidan and I watched some TV and videos on my laptop. The TV here doesn't have Sprout, so Aidan can't watch his favorite shows, especially Caillou. What was funny was that once he got his hands on the remote, he turned to ESPN and started watching a basketball game. He actually seemed to enjoy it. Either that or he just wasn't in the mood to care. Probably the latter. We hardly ever watch basketball at home.

So I finally went to the Sprout website and we watched some video clips there. Tried YouTube and found a whole bunch of Caillou episodes there. Aidan managed to watch them until about 9:30. I finally told him that it was time to try going to sleep. As soon as I took the computer away and adjusted his bed, it didn't take long before he started to fade. He's sleeping soundly now. Let's just hope it lasts until his next vitals check. Or his tiny roommate's next session of loud fussing and crying.

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