Monday, March 01, 2010

The "old" Aidan is back

I think we have our "old" Aidan back. He's no longer stoned out of his wits from the oxycodone. We stopped giving him that last night, and now he's only on Tylenol. The glazed look is gone from his eyes. He's not as agitated as he was. Most of the day today was spent very still in front of the TV watching Caillou on Sprout...his favorite show and apparently very comforting for him. By the time I got home this afternoon, he was playing with our backgammon game pieces and his wooden train set. We've had a few very slight giggles from him here and there, but tonight he managed his first belly laugh since before his surgery. For some reason, it was the tail of one of his stuffed animals that he thought was just hilarious.

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