Monday, June 14, 2010

A Graduation, a Recital, and a Birthday

The end of May and beginning of June were chock full of some important milestones and events in Lily's life.

She graduated from preschool and is well on her way to being ready for high, I mean, kindergarten.

And here is the ballerina after her first dance recital.

And finally, here is the pigtailed one with the new doll she received for her 5th birthday.


Anonymous said...

Three milestones..I was there for two of them. Thanks for sharing the one I could not be there for which was Lily's gradutation. What great pictures of Lily!!

Mom, Wanda & Grammy O

LedaP said...

She's super cute! Congrats on all three milestones!


creative-type dad said...

Simply adorable!

Preschool Graduation, Ballet, 5th Birthday - this all look strangely familiar to me...