Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Staycation, Part 2: Evergreen State Fair

Today we headed to Monroe for the Evergreen State Fair. Started the day off with a pony ride. Surprisingly, Aidan didn't freak out, considering his emotions around animals range from skittish to berzerk. He got right on "Cinnamon" but it took some coaxing for him to put his arms down and actually touch the saddle horn.

Lily's an old pro, showing her brother how it's done. Let it be known, though, that Aidan did manage a moderate "Yee-haw" as he dismounted his steed.

Painted board with cut outs for faces! Gotta stop for these!

Always have to go see the animals, especially the momma pig and her piglets.

Here's Lily and I getting ready to go on the kiddie roller coaster. Too bad the shots of the ride didn't turn out. Lily's face was one of pure joy throughout. While we were waiting in line, I whispered to her, jokingly, "I'm a little scared. I might pee my pants." She giggled, turned to mom standing below, and yelled out in front of everyone, "Mommy! Daddy said he might pee his pants!" Thanks, kid.

Brother and sister enjoying another ride together.

Momma and Aidan taking a train ride.

Aidan did not throw Momma from the train.

And finally, here's Lily and I with our vegetable creatures which one of the exhibits invited us to make. Not sure what the point of all that was. Seemed like a lot of food was going to waste. But Lily just HAD to make one, so that was our last stop before we headed home.

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Anonymous said...

How much fun is that!! Now I know I have to move up soon..I am missing out on all the fun things with my Lily & Aidan not to mention Kurt & Julie too!