Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Staycation, Part 3: Aquasox Baseball Game

We were overdue for a visit to Everett Memorial Stadium to see the AquaSox play. They are a short season, single A minor league affiliate of the Seattle Mariners.

We were overdue, I say, because I had a gift certificate that I had been hanging on to for over a year. Just didn't get a chance to get to the stadium and use it. Today was the day.

And it was Aidan's first baseball game. He thoroughly enjoyed it. Or is that look of pleasure due to the peanut butter and jelly sandwich in one hand and the beer ... uh, I mean, the apple juice in the other?

I've never seen someone get so thrilled over a corn dog.

Here's a shot just to prove that there really was a ballgame going on. We left right after the seventh inning stretch and the singing of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," so I can't tell you the final score. What I can tell you is that the Vancouver Canadians were slaughtering the AquaSox.

But the score didn't matter to Lily. All she cared about was her corn dog, which she continued to nibble on throughout the game. Here she is all bundled up. It gets a little chilly at the ballpark after the sun goes down and the breeze from the Sound starts drifting in.

Both the kids did great. They both sat reasonably still for a four and three year-old. What a difference a year makes, too. I took Lily to a game last year, and she was up and down and back and forth and could not sit still for a moment. I think we lasted all of three innings and that was all I could handle. Tonight was actually very pleasant and enjoyable. Hopefully the kids will continue to like this grand old game. Their not-so-grand but definitely-getting-old dad would be disappointed if they didn't.


R Pratt said...

You have not seen Nathan when he gets a corn dog :-).

Anonymous said...

It does look like the kids are enjoying the ballpark food & maybe a little of the game, but that is what it is all about. I see Lily is wearing her new winter coat. Looks fine!! What a great family I have!!


Anonymous said...

I just caught up on all the latest news and pictures. Aidan's birthday party looked great and all of the pictures that I saw were really good. Hope all is going good. It sure seems to be. I just cannot imagine you without those two wonderful children. Enjoy them and take care. I will talk to you again.

Love in Christ, Rose