Monday, March 01, 2010

Pics from Surgery Day

Here's Aidan getting ready for surgery with his puppy. Lily has her pink "Pup Pup." We call Aidan's little friend "Blue Pup." He also had a Matchbox motorcycle with him that dad gave him that morning.

And here's Aidan getting some last minute hugs from mom and dad.

At the October surgery, they gave Aidan some medication to relax him prior to surgery and the anesthesiologist carried him back to the operating room. This time they decided not to medicate him until they brought him into the operating room, but part of the deal was bringing dad back. That was an interesting experience, having never been in a "real live" operating room before. On the other hand, it wasn't the easiest experience watching your kid's eyes roll back in his head after breathing in the "bubble gum flavored air" ... and then having to leave him there asleep on the table.

Aidan is schedule to have his stitches removed this Friday. After he heals up a bit more, we'll post some pictures for you. It's not a pretty sight right now, so we'll forgo any pics of him until later.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pictures this time. Aidan is such a good trooper..a little easier for the parents, huh. I loved yours & Aidan's attire, especially your headgear, Kurt. So glad things went smoothly & Aidan is recovering nicely.

Love you all...Mom

L P said...

Hi Pr. Kurt,

He is such a cute little boy.

My son Thad too had to go through several operations and if I recall about 7 all and all.

It is amazing what doctors now can do with kids who have been born with cleft/palate problems.

He had several major ones. One major one was to close the gum gap and they had to take a small piece of bone from his hips. If you see him smile today there is no trace that there was a gap.

The other major one was more re-constructive. The team of doctors such as the orthodontists worked with him for several years to prep him because his teeth were growing in all places. They showed me his x-ray. This major one they sawed his gums - turned it slightly and they placed some bolts to keep them together. At the same time they gave him some cheek bones by getting him some bones from his skull. All of these places have regrown.

Thad is now married and was fortunate to marry a fine Christian girl from FL, USA.

They will have to wait till Aidan does some growing up for the operations.

When Aidan gets through this, there would not be even a trace of him even having cleft/palate problems. He will speak with no difference to the way normal kids speak.

It has to be done in small steps and you can count on the Lord to be with him and you all the way.

I will pray that he grows up healthy so he can meet these operations and recover well.

God bless,