Monday, May 08, 2006

Adjusting to Home

Grandma "O" and Great-auntie Karen visited for Lily's baptism and stayed for a few extra days. Here's Grandma "O" trying her hand at feeding a baby after a few years' hiatus.

Lily is adjusting well to her new home. She is finally on a regular schedule and is sleeping the night through. She also has stopped crying every time we put her in the car seat (which hasn't been that many times...but at first she really hated it). In fact, she seems to enjoy kicking back for a while and going for a ride.

Her ride this morning was a breeze. Little did she know what was in store for her. We had to take her to the hospital for her first blood draw to test her lead levels. The children from her orphanage have historically had high lead levels, although from what we hear, the situation is improving. Anyhow, Lily cried her little eyes out when the two burly technicians and her dad had to hold her down so they could get the needle in her arm. Dad and mom couldn't help but get teary eyed watching their daughter suffer so much. Once the needle went in, she calmed down a bit and was okay for the rest of the day. Now we'll see how she does when she has to go in for some additional vaccinations which she didn't receive in China. I'm sure that will be another torturous event.


Anonymous said...

What an exciting time!!! Welcome to the wonderful, yet sleepless, tiring, sometimes worrisome days of parenting.
Today is the first day I have seen/read about any of this. Heard the news from my mom, but she is a computer illiterate - (don't think she even knows what a "blog" is!) Thanks to Dawn Marie I was able to get "caught up!"
At any rate, you must be so happy and excited - welcoming a new baby is so fun, a lot of work, but definitely fun!!
Enjoy every second because they go FAST!!!!!
Your cuz,
P.S. What a cutie - love the nickname "the pinger"!!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

It is really hard to see your child get a shot or anything that is out of the norm. Like your cousin said, "Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting" Have a great first "Mother's Day, Julie, and I will see you on the 17th for the Bible Study.

Happy 11th month to Lily Ping.

Love you all, Rose Marie Jones

Anonymous said...

Kurt & Julie:

I think Lily likes Grandma O feeding her. What a beautiful smile Lily has for me and the good feeding job..ha ha.

Mom & Wanda