Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Scootin' & Cruisin'

Lily's first birthday is fast approaching. She's not walking yet, although she has learned to get around the house quite well without mom and dad holding her hands. One of her modes of transportation is what is known in babydom as "cruising." Here she is on one of her trips around the house, hanging on to whatever she can find. She's even skilled enough now to mash herself against a wall and pull herself up.

Her other mode of transportation I call her "Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon" move, or as Julie calls it, "The Scuttlebutt." How to describe it? Well, think of Kung Fu movies, where the martial arts experts fly through the air with one leg straight out and the other one tucked in? That's kind of the way the Pinger scoots across the floor. And this girl can move! Here's a shot of Lily doing her butt-scoot-boogie. Next to her is her friend Madeline, who came to visit this past Saturday.


Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Oh my goodness! That's how Maggie got around! She scooted on her bottom! While I have heard of it being done, I haven't ever seen it! That is so cool.

She looks so cute! God bless


Anonymous said...

Kurt and Julie:

Seeing Lily at the front window..I think she takes after her Grandma O..checking out the neighbors!!

Mom and Wanda