Thursday, May 11, 2006

Equal Time for the Grandmas

Now it's Grandma "H's" turn to stay with us for a while (although she's only an hour away). Here she is with Lily in one of her happier moments today...Lily's, that is, not Grandma's...not to say Grandma wasn't happy today. The Pinger was out of sorts today due to a cold plus getting two vaccinations at the doctor's office. She needed two others that we get here in the US but they don't give in China.

Julie's mom came up to stay for another reason. Julie also has a bad cold, but even more troublesome for a new mother...a bad back. She must have pulled a muscle or two or her sciatic nerve is acting up. Either way, she's in a lot of pain and can't well pick up the baby. I've been back to work at the church but have also tried to be available at home as we get used to the baby routine. But it's been nice having an extra set of hands around here to come to the rescue.

Besides, even mommies need their mommies sometimes.

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