Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Smiles and Laughter

It's 9:15 here in Nanchang. Lily's fast asleep in her crib in the room. We got back after dinner and fed her half a bottle. Laid her down to sleep and she started to cry a bit. Jan suggested I try burping her, which we hadn't done yet. I picked her up, patted her air, but she laid her head down on my shoulder and was out. Guess she just needed a bit more "daddy-time." That's okay with me. She seems to be attaching to me quite well. She will go to Jan, but will whimper at first if I'm not in her line of sight, and is okay after a short time.

We also had a nice surprise at dinner tonight. Lily was in a high chair, and she seemed to be okay with that. That was a first with us. Then came another first in our time with Lily...she gave us smiles and laughter. Her little giggle was totally cute, especially with her two little bottom front teeth showing. I'll try to catch her at the right time and snap a picture and post it. You'll love it.


Valerie Cook said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter! Congratulations on Lily, our prayers are with you.
Val & Steve Cook

-me said...

Pastor!! We are so excited to be on this journey with you. You are already a great Daddy! Keep it up! Can't wait to hear her giggle.
Get home safe so mama can meet her special girl!!
Heather B

Anonymous said...
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