Sunday, April 23, 2006

View from the White Swan

In contrast to our view in Nanchang, here's a view from our hotel in Guangzhou. The hotel sits on a little island called Shamian Island. Guangzhou (or Canton, as it used to be called) clearly has a European influence, and you can notice it in the architecture. Jan, Lily, and I strolled around the town today after the red couch photo. We have another free day tomorrow to continue shopping. It's fun haggling with the shop owners. They will punch in the price, show it to you on a calculator, then you name your price, they come down a few dollars, and their reasoning is always, "This is my best price" or "I will give you this price for friendship." More than once I've heard Jan mumble, "Why, yes, of course that's your best price. Yeah, right." Even so, there's a part of you that feels bad haggling when you realize that in American dollars you are haggling over $1.25 instead of $1.50. The Chinese Yuan is about 8 to a US dollar.

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