Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Zai Jian

Well, it's 10 pm here in Marysville, and I should be in bed. Julie and I have been packing and running last minute errands today. Like leaving for any trip, it seems like we're forgetting something. But we've been making our lists and checking them twice...and thrice...and then some. Everything should be in the bags and ready to go. All our paperwork should be in order. Now, it's just a matter of making it to the airport tomorrow morning and meeting up with Jan at the check-in counter. This will be my last post on this side of the pond until I return. I'll try to get online in Beijing. So long...or should I say "Zai jian," which means "Goodbye!"


Lisa Curtis said...

Have a good trip and enjoy yourselves. God is watching over all of you. I think the whole church is excited about you guys getting to adopt Lily and I am sure everyone has been praying for you and your family. Pastor, you and Julie are so blessed to adopt Lily and have the privilege of raising her and teaching her about Jesus. We'll see you guys when you get back with you precious bundle.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you safe travel...I have been hearing of the wonderful news from my mother and am so-o-o EXCITED for the both of you. Congratulations! You will love parenting and watching her grow.
I will check back to your site to hear of your progress.
Hope you're able to sleep Julie.
Friend in Christ, Marie Hohnstein-Combs

Anonymous said...
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