Friday, April 14, 2006

We're in China!

We're here! We're in China! It's 8:15 Saturday morning the 15th, sunny and hazy outside. After a flight from SeaTac to Tokyo/Narita, we immediately boarded a plane to Beijing. We met up with our travelling Bethany companions at the airport in Beijing. We all recognize one another by our "ladybug bandanas" tied to our luggage. By the time we got to the hotel last night, it was close to midnight. Both Jan and I are exhausted. We were probably up 28 hours straight, with just a few catnaps on the plane. We have separate rooms here in Beijing, but once we get the baby on the 18th we'll be in the same room. (I need coaching, you know.) Today is a day to kick back and relax and get refreshed.


The Howards said...

Ni Hao!

Glad you made it safe to China. We cannot wait to hear more about your adoption journey!

Zai Jian and don't forget the Niao Pians!

Leslie, Lila and QuQu Howard

Anonymous said...
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