Monday, March 09, 2009

9 days to go!

It's been awhile since we updated the blog, we've been busy preparing for the trip to China. We are probably at about 75% ready. Our paperwork is almost done, the shopping is pretty much done, and the packing just got started.

Today was fun because we met with Jan, my cousin who is traveling with Kurt to get Aidan. It was good to sit with her and Kurt and go over our goals, packing lists, thoughts, etc. Since I'm not going, it makes me feel better to get everything "off my brain." We then went shopping and found some great walking shoes and a new backpack for Kurt. When we got home we received our China itinerary which gave us the daily schedule in China as well as our lodging info. We are so happy that Kurt and Jan will be staying in the White Swan Hotel as they did last time. It's a really nice hotel and it's nice to have the "familiar" while in China.

Two weeks from today Kurt will hopefully have Aidan in his arms. March 23rd is our "Gotcha Day" (though it will be March 22nd here with the time difference :)) We are so thrilled and thankful to be bringing Aidan to our family. Lily is getting very excited to have a little brother.

Kurt promises to blog as much as he can from China. He is taking his laptop this time, so it will be easier to communicate since he won't have to leave his room. I'm excited that we both have web cams and Skype so that we hopefully will be able to talk to and see each other live.

Thanks for continued prayers, we especially ask for prayers of continued good health for Aidan and the travelers and for safe travels. We'll keep you posted...

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