Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Morning History and Culture Lessons

Thursday, March 26, 2:15 pm
This morning we received our own personal history and culture lessons from Jack as he took us to Dr. Sun Yatsen's Memorial Hall and the Guangdong Folk Art Museum. Here we are in the picture above in front of Dr. Sun. Below you can see me and Aidan in front of the folk art museum.
We had the chance to sit down and have some delicious Pu-Er tea in one of the gift shops. I didn't know how much preparing and serving the tea was such an art form in and of itself.

Here's an example of some of the intricate stone carving on the facade of the museum. It once was the property of a wealthy family clan.

On the way out of the museum grounds you can see the contrast between the old and the new.

Here's Aidan in his new stroller. He got that big grin on his face when "Uncle" (or "Shu Shu" in Cantonese) Jack and I would pick up the stroller and carry him up and down the stairs. He also crashed out in the van on the way back to the hotel. I laid him down on his back in the crib about an hour ago and he hasn't moved since.

I thought these places were called "Information Booths."

Whatever, dude. This trip has been "way out."

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