Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Quote From Jack

Our guide Jack is a super nice guy. I really like him. His English is superb. He actually works for a different agency, but helps our liaison Shiyan since she can't be in so many provinces all at once. This experience has been quite different. Last time we were in a group of 21 families. This time it's only two. We get a lot more personal attention. Although having said that, even in the big group Shiyan was always available and was so kind and helpful. Shiyan joins us on Friday. She has already called us several times to check in and ask how things are going.

So here's the quote from Jack, who is Chinese and lives in Guangzhou. On our drive back from the civil affairs office yesterday, we all got to talking about Chinese food. Guangzhou is also known as Canton, hence the term "Cantonese" cuisine. Jack said,
The Cantonese have a saying: "We eat anything that flies, except airplanes ... we eat anything with four legs, except table and chairs ... and we eat anything that swims, except boats."

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