Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Business, then Shopping

Wednesday, March 25

This afternoon we went to the Public Security Bureau to receive our Adoption Registration Certificate. It was a brief in and out appointment in downtown Guangzhou. After that, Jack took us and the Newell's to a large department store to do some shopping. We stocked up on diapers ... which somehow are not staying on Aidan's tiny bum but have been working their way down his pants leg. I have yet to figure out how that's happening. I'm not that out of practice putting on diapers, am I? We also bought a small stroller, which we thought would come in handy in the airport on the way home. The little shops on Shamian Island loan adoptive families strollers, so we had been using one up to that point, but we found a nice, simple, affordable model in the department store.

Here's a shot of Jack fumbling with a display that somebody knocked over. Nobody claimed responsibility. That's Anne Marie Newell in the foreground at the right.

Below is the famous "jerky" fruit, as we thought it was called for several years after our first trip to China. Later we discovered that it is called dragon fruit. Ask me or Jan someday to describe for you our experience with jerky/dragon fruit when we got Lily in '06.

Aidan and Auntie Jan posing amidst the produce.

Here are our best friends in China, the Newell family, and our guide Jack.

I can't speak highly enough of Jack, or "Uncle Jack" as we have begun calling him. He has been a great help for us and is wonderful with the kids, too. On our way to the checkout stand, he offered to push our cart, saying, "It's okay. I have a license to drive one of these in China."

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