Sunday, March 29, 2009

I know I'm cute. You don't have to keep telling me.

Sunday, March 29, 10:13 pm

Here's Aidan visiting the play room again in our hotel.

Today we met with Shiyan, our Bethany liaison, and went through all the paperwork for the US consulate, checking and rechecking to make sure all our paperwork is in order. I complimented our guide Jack in an earlier post, but I need to compliment Shiyan, too. This process is very stressful, as you can well imagine. Shiyan is the right person for the job. She is always so calm and she has a very soothing voice that puts you at ease. I don't know all the details of her job, but I'm sure that it is tireless, coordinating all the adoptions in each of the provinces, meeting with the families and answering all sorts of questions, and poring over the paperwork we hand her to make sure that everything is just as it should be before she takes it to the consulate. I'm sure all the Bethany families would agree with me that we are so grateful for the efforts she makes to help us bring our children home.

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Kai Newell said...

Grapefruit to Dragonfruit! Grapefruit to Dragonfruit! This is awesome! Man I love the GFI! For anyone else who reads this, GFI stands for Goofy freaks international. I love the picture of Aidan.

Grapefruit over and out!