Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bedtime #2

Wednesday, March 25, 5:00 am

No, that's not a reference to anything I may have found in Aidan's diaper. Last night was his second night with us. He didn't go down as easily as the previous night. I had to hold him like Jan did at naptime yesterday. But he laid down against me in a chair and he settled down nicely. After about 10 minutes he was sound asleep. I made my move to the crib, crossing my proverbial fingers. He stirred and opened his eyes when I laid him down, but he quickly settled back down again and went right back to sleep.

Aidan slept the night through. We think he has a cold. He as a pretty good little cough, no fever, no drainage from his nose (do cleft kids have nasal drainage?)...but none of this really seems to phase him. He doesn't whine or complain. He sleeps soundly. He woke me up several times coughing last night, but he goes right back to sleep. We're going to keep an eye out and determine whether we need to make a visit to a doctor. Right now we're playing it by ear. Too many idioms, I know..."keep an eye out," "play it by ear," I'll try to cut right to the chase next time. There I go again.

This afternoon we return to the civil affairs office to pick up the completed paperwork, then Jack, our guide, is going to take us to a shopping mall.

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